How to export dump from AD

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There are 2 commands available for this:

1. Go to Start -> Run ->cmd

Paste the command in the below format:


ldifde -f Exportuser.ldf -s ADservername -d “CN=username,CN=Users,DC=xxx,DC=xxx,DC=xxx,DC=com”


csvde -m -f AccountName_mailboxes.txt -d “cn=ADusername,OU=Group Mailboxes,OU=Groups,DC=xxx,DC=xxx,DC=xxx,DC=com” -r “(&(objectClass=*)(mail=*))” -l objectClass,member,displayName,memberOf,proxyAddresses,legacyExchangeDN,title,telephoneNumber,facsimileTelephoneNumber,mobile,homephone,givenName,company,userPrincipalName,co,c,physicalDeliveryOfficeName,postalCode,sn,st,streetAddress,title,wWWHomePage,description,l,initials,info,sAMAccountName

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