Update Offline Windows Servers to the latest Patch Level using WSUS

How to update Offline Windows Servers to the latest Patch Level using WSUS

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Update Offline Windows Servers to the latest Patch Level using WSUS      

WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) is a method to update windows servers that are offline.

The best way to achieve patch management like this is to set up a WSUS server. What I am going to discuss is the downloading of patches from one machine that is connected to the Internet and copying the patches to an offline machine using a memory stick or DVD. This is a good solution when you have to update the patch level once to a  few machines. It is not practical as a long term solution as every time Microsoft releases a patch you would have to manually update the off line servers.

First, download WSUS from http://download.wsusoffline.net/ Extract the file to a directory. Open the directory and run Update Generator.

Tick the box beside the OS you want to download updates for. In the image above Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 is selected. If you want to select any other options, go ahead and then click, “Start”.

The updates will start to download. As a rough idea of the download time, the updates for Vista x64 was 2.5GB, Windows Server 2008R2 was 800MB.

Next step is to copy the WSUS folder to some sort of removable media, a memory stick, DVD, external hard disk etc. Insert it into the server you want to update.

Open the WSUS folder, open the folder, “client” and run the update executable.

This will update your system to the latest patch level.