Ooty – Queen of Hill Stations

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Ooty Railway Station
Ooty Railway Station
Toy Tain Tunnel
Toy Tain Tunnel
Toy Tain Tunnel
Toy Tain Tunnel
Rose Garden
Rose Garden
Doddabetta, the highest mountain in the Nilgiri Hills
From Doddabetta Peak View Doddabetta Peak View
Coonoor Railway Station
Coonoor Railway Station

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What are the countries in LATAM?

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Latin America can be subdivided into several sub regions based on geography, politics, demographics and culture. If defined as all of the Americas south of the United States, the basic geographical subregions are North America, Central America, the Caribbean and South America;[20] the latter contains further politico-geographical subdivisions such as the Southern Cone, the Guianas and the Andean states. It may be subdivided on linguistic grounds into Hispanic America, Portuguese America and French America.

Name Area Population Capital Name(s) in official language(s)
Argentina 2,780,400 41,660,417 Buenos Aires Argentina
Bolivia 1,098,581 10,461,053 Sucre and La Paz Bolivia
Brazil 8,515,767 201,032,714 Brasília Brasil
Chile 756,096 17,556,815 Santiago Chile
Colombia 1,141,748 47,387,109 Bogotá Colombia
Costa Rica 51,100 4,667,096 San José Costa Rica
Cuba 109,884 11,061,886 Havana Cuba
Dominican Republic 48,442 10,219,630 Santo Domingo República Dominicana
Ecuador 283,560 15,439,429 Quito Ecuador
El Salvador 21,040 6,108,590 San Salvador El Salvador
French Guiana* 83,534 250,109 Cayenne Guyane française
Guadeloupe* 1,628 405,739 Basse-Terre Guadeloupe
Guatemala 108,889 15,438,384 Guatemala City Guatemala
Haiti 27,750 9,996,731 Port-au-Prince Haïti, Ayiti
Honduras 112,492 8,555,072 Tegucigalpa Honduras
Martinique* 1,128 386,486 Fort-de-France Martinique
Mexico 1,972,550 118,395,054 Mexico City Estados Unidos Mexicanos
Nicaragua 130,375 5,788,531 Managua Nicaragua
Panama 75,517 3,661,868 Panama City Panamá
Paraguay 406,752 6,800,284 Asunción Paraguay
Peru 1,285,216 30,475,144 Lima Perú
Puerto Rico* 9,104 3,615,086 San Juan Puerto Rico
Saint Barthélemy* 53.2 36,286 Gustavia Saint-Barthélemy
Saint Martin* 25 9,035 Marigot Saint-Martin
Uruguay 176,215 3,324,460 Montevideo Uruguay
Venezuela 916,445 31,648,930 Caracas Venezuela