The Performance Overview tab fails to display with the error: Navigation to the webpage was cancelled (1014454)

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There are several possible causes for this issue. Attempt each of the troubleshooting steps below in sequence, without skipping any.

  1. Confirm that the vCenter Web Management Service is running.

    To resolve this issue, connect to vCenter locally with a vSphere Client located on the vCenter Server and followStopping, starting, or restarting vCenter services (1003895).

  2. Ensure that the correct DNS settings and IP address are being used:
    1. On the vCenter Server, navigate toC:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VirtualCenter Server\extensions\\.
    2. Openxml in a text editor.
    3. Edit the line<url>https://hostname:8443/statsreport/</url> to use an IP address instead of an FQDN to rule out issues with DNS.
    4. Restart vCenter Web Management Service and the vCenter Server Service after making any changes to the.xml  For moreinformation, see Stopping, starting, or restarting vCenter services (1003895).
  3. Disable any third party web services that may be interfering with the vCenter Web Management Services.

    To confirm that a third party web service is the cause:

    1. Stop the vCenter Web Management Service. For more information, seeStopping, starting, or restarting vCenter services (1003895).
    2. Try to connect to port 8443 (the port on which the Web Management Service runs) by executing:

      telnet IP8443

    3. If the port responds when the vCenter Web Management Service is stopped, there might be another service that is using the port. In this case, if you want to continue running the conflicting third party service, you may have to change the port that Performance Overview uses. To change the port used by Performance Overview, seeThe Performance Overview tab within vCenter Server reports the HTTP Status 404 error (1016160).
  4. Check if vCenter Server is using custom SSL certificates as a result of a recent upgrade to vCenter Server 4.0 Update 1. For more information, seeVMware vCenter Server plugins fail after adding custom SSL certificates (1017577).

Note: Additionally, you can perform these steps:

  • Disable the proxy settings from the browser.

    To disable the settings:

  1. LaunchInternet
  2. Navigate toTools > Internet options.
  3. Click theConnections
  4. ClickLAN settings.
  5. Select theUse automatic configuration script
  • If you experience this issue on workstations external to the vCenter Server, try to connect to port 8443 (the port on which the Web Management Service runs) as per Step 3b. If you are unable to connect to the port, disable the Windows Firewall on the vCenter Server system. For more information, see the Microsoft TechNet article I Need to Disable Windows Firewall.

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